Espen is a truly inspirational tennis coach. He is one of the best u10 coaches in the world, hands down.. best of luck!!!
— Jason Wass dir of sports sportime New York -

Amazing!!! I have witnessed Espen’s genius in person and absolutely cannot wait to see all the wonderful things he and his team have in store for the future. Thank you so much for all that you do.
— Julius Robinson dir junior programme Georgia US

I have been involved in the tennis teaching and management industry over 4 decades and worked in 5 different countries and when it comes to KIDS TENNIS I would say Espen is a world champion. The passion and enthusiasm he shows when working with them and the way he is able to catch and keep kids’ attention and focus is admirable. Learning by playing and having fun is definitively the best way to learn. Highly recommended. I really look forward to see what SRNDPTY can come up with. Good luck Espen, Espen and Espen with your new established playground
— Luis Mikkelsen- Trener Ljan Tennis